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You are able to implement your own Record Selection method, which you can use within every task, which select records.
For example if you need some special filter or have an external system, you want to use to filter.

Create a file <customname>.inc.php in the folder modules/Workflow2/extends/recordsource/

This file must include a Class, which extends from \Workflow\RecordSource.
You must implement the following structure to be recognized by Workflow Designer:

Beispiel Implementation
namespace Workflow\Plugins\RecordSource;

class CustomClassName extends \Workflow\RecordSource {

    public function getSource($moduleName) {
        $return = array();

        $return = array(
            'id' => 'unique id of method',
            'title' => 'Headline of selection method',
            'sort' => 30,   // Sort Index. Condition = 10, others = 20

        return $return;

     * @param $context \Workflow\VTEntity Context of current main Workflow Record
     * @param $sortField string|null [null] Query should sort by this field & direction, if != null
     * @param $limit integer|null [null] Add an limit to your query
     * @parem $includeAllModTables bool [false] You should add all Tables from Target Record
     * @return string
    public function getQuery(\Workflow\VTEntity $context, $sortField = null, $limit = null, $includeAllModTables = false) {
        $sqlQuery = 'SELECT vtiger_crmentity.crmid /* Insert Fields */ FROM ...';

        return $sqlQuery;

    public function getConfigHTML() {
        $html = '... HTML of configuration. Store anything within the task[...] or better task[recordsource][...] array';

        return $html;

    public function getConfigInlineJS() {
        // Return JavaScript, which will executed one time if Record Selector is used
        return '';
    public function getConfigInlineCSS() {
        // Return CSS, which will only be applied to your Record Selector Configuration
        return '...';


// Register your Selection method
\Workflow\RecordSource::register('unique id of method', '\Workflow\Plugins\RecordSource\CustomClassName');

(You found this example source within example.php in recordsource folder, too)

Important fact:

Your getQueries function should return the column crmid, which is the ID of the Record, which match.
AND: You must add

/* Insert Fields */

in your Query, on the place, where the module could optionally add more columns from target module. (That’s why it is important to respect the $includeAllModTables parameter or ignore and add all tables in every case)

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